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About Us


My grandmother taught me to shop wisely when it came to clothes.

At the time, it didn’t come across that way. When you are in your teens, you don’t always listen to your grandparents (or anyone else). Shopping was a struggle, to say the least.

You don’t want to wear that. Everybody is wearing this!

What does it go with? Who cares? I’ll figure that out later.

What is it made of? I don’t know, it doesn’t matter.

It won’t look good next year. You don’t understand FASHION.

You get the picture. And I’m sure it was much worse for her.

It was much later when I realized the wisdom she tried to impart. And what it all meant.

She grew up with a mother that made her clothes—including her wedding dress. My grandmother learned to sew at a young age, and went on to make clothes for herself, for her daughter and for her grandchildren. So, when she bought clothes, she did it with the eye of someone who knew what kind of effort it took to make something lasting. Fabric choices were important. Details were important—seams, zippers, hems. Styling should allow for movement and comfort while still looking tailored and neat.

She wanted me to have nice things. Because she loved me and thought I deserved that.

So, unless it was an event (like a prom), I was never shopping for one thing. I was shopping for a piece that became part of my own collection—my wardrobe. Shopping for staples. And I don’t mean that in a basic way. Sure, you want your foundation pieces (like a great black tee for layering). But you also want pieces that fit well in your own collection—things you’ll want to wear. A piece that was designed well, with clean lines that are not specific to one trend or time. It can be a solid or a pattern. Things that work well together in a variety of ways.  

But there is room for individuality in wardrobe building too. Like having a signature color. Or adding a personal touch with favorite accessories like quirky socks or a really great piece of jewelry. And you always need a great bag. Or owning that one piece that works well with your collection—but stands out enough to always get you compliments.

I tried to pass on these lessons to my son and daughter, and honestly—I struggled. It was hard to find a store that had the right kind of staples. As if someone had decided that Millennials couldn’t have nice things. Why was it so hard to find the right pieces to build a wardrobe?

Fast fashion had happened. Cheaply made, overly trendy items that look good for maybe 1-3 wears before you want to get rid of them. It is not practical, it doesn’t look good, and it’s horrible for the environment. My grandmother would be, in her words, “appalled.”

That was the impetus for starting LACONA SUPPLY--being able to provide Sustainable Staples. Taking the lessons my grandmother taught me plus relying on my own resourcefulness to help people find what they really want. That’s why we comb through thousands of products to find the items in our collections. Because not everyone had a grandmother like mine. And we want Millennials--and everyone else--to have nice things. We think you deserve it.



LACONA SUPPLY was founded by a mom and son team. Both are committed to durability in fashion and style without judgment. We are all about helping you create the look you love with high quality wardrobe staples plus signature pieces and accessories to make that look your own.